Soule's Chapel Cemetery Mapping and Preservation by Boy Scout Troop 82, Lake Cumberland District, Blue Grass Council,  Somerset Kentucky     **Click on pictures to enlarge**

judy.jpg (28473 bytes)

Judy Price busy putting up string for the grid.

judymoneyhun.jpg (32419 bytes)

Mark Moneyhon and Judy Price measuring distance between head stone.


micheal.jpg (27948 bytes)

Michael Moneyhon jotting down information from the headstones.


momgran.jpg (26541 bytes)

Cathy Kavanagh and Carol Bianchi observing the hard to read headstones.

moneyhun.jpg (28128 bytes)

Michael Moneyhon taking information from a larger headstone.

revealedstone.jpg (23024 bytes)

A headstone that we discovered in the dirt.

scottdoug.jpg (26840 bytes)

That's me "Scott Kavanagh" jotting down dates from a headstone at the right and Doug Price at the left.

seanlinds.jpg (25277 bytes)

Sean and Lindsay Kavanagh discuss how they are going to record the grave sites.

theworkers.jpg (29690 bytes)

The workers gathering to get started.